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WA apprenticeship in bricklaying will not only give you the chance to earn while you learn – but to also, enjoy the great weather and sights of Western Australia too.

As a bricklaying apprentice in WA you’ll get to take in the surf one day and the city skylines the next, so you’ll never get bored.  Meanwhile you’re creating a ‘sight’ of your very own to be admired – the brickwork you create with your own bare hands.  (Not many other trades, can enjoy this  satisfaction in quite the same way).  And unlike many other trades, a trade certificate qualification in bricklaying is in increasingly high demand.   Plus it can also pave the way to becoming a fully qualified builder. With excellent opportunities not only in Perth, but in other areas too – with a WA apprenticeship in bricklaying… the sky is the limit.

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