Bricklaying Apprenticeships (WA)

Signing up for a Bricklaying Apprenticeship (WA)

Signing up for a bricklaying apprenticeship in WA is easy. Here are the simple steps involved:

  1. Once you find a bricklayer employer you both need to contact an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (WA).  Ph 13 38 73 or visit the Australian Apprenticeships website for more information.
  2. One of their staff will come to the job and organise your papers for your apprenticeship. They will give you all the forms that you and your employer need.
  3. Once you sign the apprenticeship papers you will be on a probation period of employment for 3 months.

If you require more information on signing up for a bricklaying apprenticeship in WA contact ABBTF.

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