So you’ve become a WA Bricklayer!

Develop your bricklaying trade career …and build a business

Trade Certificate Qualified… What Now?

Congratulations on your bricklaying qualification.  You now have the perfect foundation to make career choices.  This is your future freedom!  Within the building and construction industry you have a number of career paths to choose from.

For information on how to progress your bricklaying trade career or to start your own building business, the best advice will be found at the Master Builders Association (MBA) or the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Their websites have excellent information on further training as well as general news on the construction industry. They will also guide you through the regulations such as how and where to obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN), GST, compliance issues, etc.

Master Builders Association (MBA)

MBA offer many benefits to their members including information Next Step Seminars on how to become a builder, along with advice on progressing your bricklaying career, starting your own building business, becoming a subbie and many other benefits. Contact MBA WA on 08 9476 9800 to enquire or visit their website.

Housing Industry Association (HIA)

HIA Members also have the opportunity to obtain advice, information, training support and many other member benefits including the HIA Skills for Trade Contractors Course. This national qualification seeks to help contractors, and those preparing to operate as contractors, to establish and manage their own business. Contact HIA WA to enquire or visit their website.

So now you’ve become a WA bricklayer… it’s time to build your trade career – and business further. Contact ABBTF for more info.


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