Pre Apprenticeship Training

Western Australia

Pre Apprenticeship Training in bricklaying before starting a Western Australian apprenticeshipis an excellent introduction to the trade.

Pre Apprenticeship Training in WA can provide great benefits for you:

  • A hands-on experience of bricklaying
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge and skills
  • See if you are suited and if bricklaying appeals to you
  • Make you work ready and very employable
  • Credit for signed off competencies against future apprenticeship training
  • Some courses provide on-site experience
  • Training in health and safety for the trade
  • Be part of the learning team that is bricklaying

Pre Apprenticeship Training in WA can be in a number of forms:

  • VET in schools in years 11 and 12
  • SAL in secondary school or TAFE for years 11 and 12
  • Pre-apprenticeship courses at a TAFE/RTO

For more info about  Pre Apprenticeship Training in Western Australia contact ABBTF.

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