Work Ready Program

Bricklaying Work Ready Program      

The Work Ready Program (WRP) is a free introductory look at the trade of bricklaying and is offered Nationally. It allows you to evaluate bricklaying in an intensive one week workshop, funded and organised by ABBTF. WRP is conducted in a TAFE or similar learning centre and is generally repeated on a regular basis in both metropolitan and regional centres, according to local demand for apprentices. The course is advertised on our Online Calendar. Although it does not deliver any competencies against the Bricklaying/Blocklaying Certificate III qualification it is designed to help make you ‘Work-Ready’, so you are better informed for your first weeks in the trade. Complete the Enquiry Form here.

The Work Ready Program Helps You Choose

There are many advantages of WRP to you. It puts the bricklaying trade in perspective: you learn about what happens on site, how a day is structured, how the team interrelates, how you will learn on site and you’ll get to try out some basic tool skills. You’ll use a mixer, have a go at basic bricklaying, make batches and learn what the tools are. You’ll also learn about site safety and, importantly, have the chance to demonstrate your communication skills and show you’ll be valuable to an employer. Having completed WRP, you’ll have a much clearer picture about the role of an apprentice bricklayer, the responsibilities of a job and about the opportunities available to you upon completion of the apprenticeship. If you’re in a State not currently offering a regular WRP but are interested in learning more about a Bricklaying Apprenticeship, complete the Enquiry Form on this website, or phone 1300 66 44 96.   Back