Guide for using Scaffolding in Bricklaying

Become a Bricklayer - Guide for using Scaffold
Posted on Mar 15, 2018

Appearing on the Masonry Contractor Australia (MCA) website this month is a comprehensive guide to everything associated with the use of Scaffolding by brick and blocklayers.  It was compiled for MCA by Frank Mastronardo of AFM Masonry in Gladesville, NSW, with reference to Safe Work Australia, the federal body responsible for developing national policy relating to WHS and workers’ compensation.  Safe Work records show that 21 workers were killed as a result of scaffolding between 2003 and 2015 and many more were seriously injured, making it a good reason to review your practices in relation to the use of scaffolding.

It is a General Guide providing information on how to manage risks associated with scaffolds and scaffolding work. It is supported by guidance material for specific types of scaffolds and scaffolding, suspended (swing stage) scaffolds, scaffold inspection and maintenance, and advice for small businesses and workers on managing the risks associated with tower and mobile scaffolds and related scaffolding work.

It describes who has duties under the law and what these duties are; how risks can be managed and who should be involved in decisions around risk; choosing and designing scaffolding; scaffold structure; the system of work; licensing for different levels, how to erect scaffolding, emergency plans, documentation and more.

I’d highly recommend you read articles on this site, whether you’re a year 1 apprentice or a bricklayer with years of experience working with scaffolding.  For young people considering the trade, working with scaffolding is an integral part of the trade:  See What a Bricklayer Does.

Tony Bishop
Regional Manager North West

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